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I was listening to this Abraham (Esther) Hicks video the other day and even though I do listen to it pretty often, this time the following statement stood out:

I’d like the contrast to come in the form of a question to which I’m seeking an answer, rather than in the form of a problem to which I am needing a solution.

This is such a great line because it really speaks to the difference in mindset that is required to manifest abundance in your life.  A lot of times people stumble when they confuse seeking with needing; that is, the energy surrounding needing (and lack) is different from the energy surrounding seeking (and curiosity).

Let’s say you’re on your way out the door, and you realize you don’t have your keys.  You go back into the house and you’re looking everywhere, and you might feel a little irritated if you can’t find them right away. Usually (despite what you may tell yourself in the moment), you do know that the keys are in the house somewhere, and that you will find them…just maybe not on your preferred timeline. So even as you feel the frustration of not knowing immediately where they are, you don’t doubt that they exist, and that you will have them eventually.  Could you imagine if instead, you walked into your house, sat down, and immediately decided that not only will you never find your keys, but that they may not even exist?  Maybe they never existed? That would be crazy!  But that’s how it works with the intention behind everything you do – if you approach your challenges as something you’re expecting will be resolved, and work to feel sure that what you seek is forthcoming, you bring about a totally different situation than if you stay stuck in a problem that needs a solution.

It is so important to really feel and believe the situations you want to manifest, as if they already exist. Because they do, but just not on your timeline yet. At the risk of getting too metaphysical, let’s talk about some practical steps you can take to start to feel like you already have what you want:

1.  Write your future self’s Day In The Life

Ideally, you would write this on a piece of paper versus on a computer, but work with what you’ve got. Personally, I don’t know anyone who owns a laptop and not a notebook. I do know a lot of people who would rather just do what’s convenient (typically the computer).  If you’re curious, check out this article that backs up my suggestion.  Now that you’ve decided to use a notebook, what are you going to write? You’d be surprised at the things that come up if you really think through all of the emotions surrounding your desires.  Let’s say your future self is fit and healthy. What does her day look like? She follows her meal plan, exercises regularly, eats lots of vegetables, and has enough energy to play with her kids after she comes home from work. Sounds amazing, right? But what else happens in her day?Well, maybe she feels disappointed that some of her friends don’t want to invite her out as often because she’s “so healthy now” and won’t want to eat at the same restaurants as them anymore. Maybe she feels afraid that men at work will see her as an object rather than a peer. Maybe she doesn’t like the way that other women treat her now, even if she knows it’s out of envy.  That’s just an example but I guarantee there is a “shadow” side to anything you’re having trouble achieving – and working through what you’re afraid of is the only way forward.

2.  Meditate for 3 minutes a day (yes, 3 minutes!)

I used to be really freaked out by meditation. I felt like if I didn’t do it perfectly, on my special meditation-specific cushion, with the right music playing, in the right environment, for at least an hour every day, there is no way it would be worthwhile at all.  I’m so happy to report that none of that is necessary. The mind is ridiculously capable of making things happen, if you just give it a teeny bit of room to operate.  You can do that with meditation!  You have three minutes? Good. Meditate on the future state you are seeking. You don’t have three minutes? Yes you do.  Go hide in the bathroom and meditate there. It gets easier, and the results are pretty profound pretty quickly, so it’s worth an extra restroom break, or waking up 3 minutes earlier, or whatever it takes for you.  The Honest Guys create some of my favorite free guided meditations!

3.  Keep it to yourself (or at least in your Trust Tree)

Have you ever set out to do something great, told everyone about your plans (because you were excited, I get it!), and then get shot down by pretty much everyone? Or worse, not follow through at all and awkwardly try to explain it away when people follow up? Yeah, it sucks. Do yourself a favor and keep your plans to yourself, or at the very least, in an extremely small circle of profoundly supportive individuals. This might be only your spouse or another close family member. And that’s totally okay. Because when you’re in the beginning stages of making big changes, you need all of your energy to go into the change. You don’t have any energy to spare for explaining or defending your decisions to other people.  See, I don’t even know you yet, and I already know that that’s true.  People are interested in what you do, not what you say…so go do it, and you can talk about it to your heart’s content once you’re where you want to be.

I hope this was helpful! If you’d like to chat more, I’m always around. Shoot me a message and I will be in touch!  Can’t wait to hear from you! Until then…

Live abundantly!