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Have you ever put together a to-do list, only to notice that not many things are checked off at the end of the day?  In fact, you might finish the day with a longer list than when you started!  Do you wonder what happened and where all the time went?

There are a couple of ways to better understand your personal time management needs and habits.  Similar to financial planning, it starts with getting a baseline understanding of how you allocate your resources.  For a few days, take note of what you’re doing during each hour that you’re awake.  You can even advance this a bit by time blocking your ideal day in advance, and then seeing how close you get to actually executing on those plans.  You might find that some things take way more time than you expected, and some take less.  You may also find that you spend a lot of time on things that weren’t even a part of your plan!  Major (sneaky) productivity killers are:

  • Facebook

  • Compulsive email checking

  • Answering non-urgent texts real-time

  • Answering every phone call that comes in

  • Netflix / Hulu / Amazon

Once you’ve taken a few days to understand how you actually spend your time, what would you like to change? What’s blocking you from doing so?  This next step is critical – actually putting effort into thinking through what makes you hesitate to spend time the way you’d like to.  Based on what I’ve observed, here are just a few (of so many) possibilities to consider:

  • Do you say “yes” to too many things?

  • Are you addicted to social media?

  • Do you hit snooze multiple times in the morning?  (I personally hate the snooze button – I don’t know anyone who feels more refreshed after tensely laying in bed for an extra 9+ minutes!  I don’t even think snooze buttons should exist, to be honest.)

  • Do you feel so burned out at the end of the work day that instead of working on that novel or hitting that exercise class, you decide to “give yourself a break” and just watch TV until it’s time for bed?

That’s just scratching the surface of what could be going on. My heartfelt wish is that people will understand how they currently use their time, how they want to use it, and what needs to be in place to help them make that a reality.  Of course it varies by day and by person, but with practice it’s possible to design your ideal allocation of time to facilitate the accomplishment of your goals.

If this sounds like something you’d like support with, shoot me a note through my site or via and we can talk about ways to help you use your time (and money and energy!) as effectively as possible, so that you can kick ass every day.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Live abundantly!