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“Do what makes you happy, and the money will follow” is an aspirational quote you hear from time to time, but it’s kind of wishy-washy, right? Just a saying, not something real people actually live out.  What about my responsibilities? What about my car payment, my rent, my student loans? I don’t want to miss out on fun stuff with my friends.  I hear you. My work as an abundance and lifestyle coach focuses on helping people figure out what they want so that they can go get it, but it goes deeper than making a list of all the stuff we want to acquire or the things we want to achieve. It’s important to know not only what you want, but why you want it.  When we start to look at these questions, it’s amazing to realize that often we’re working towards things someone else told us we wanted. And we never asked ourselves if that was true for us.  If you’re actually chasing someone else’s idea of what might make them happy, it is extremely unlikely that it will serve you or make you happier, because it didn’t come from you.

​Several years ago, I was driving home from a 20-hour work day in Finance. It was the third day of these hours as my team churned through my tenth, and what would be my final, quarter close. As I zoomed down the highway thinking of nothing but taking another terrified nap before going back in, I had to swerve to avoid hitting the two people darting across the road. In my exhaustion, I had hallucinated that there were actually people in the middle of the street. So this was kind of an extreme, desperate night, but it forced me to ask myself why I was doing this. We’ve all asked ourselves this question before, but what I’ve observed is that we don’t hold on to it long enough to come up with a good answer. We just ask the question, and then we get back to work, because we aren’t sure where to even start in answering it. But when I reached that breaking point it was a gift, because I was finally certain I had had enough. In the weeks that followed, I sat down and made a list of all of the things I wanted from my new job. A few weeks later, layoffs were announced on the same day I had planned to give my notice. The Universe is a funny thing. So here we are! I know you’re probably asking the same questions, maybe about your job, maybe about your relationships, maybe about the way you spend your time, maybe you’re not even sure about what – but you know something is off.  My message for you today is that you already have the resources inside of you to cultivate an awesome life that feels abundant to you – but you don’t have to do it alone. I’ve been there and I can help you get started.

Live abundantly!