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About Me

Hi! I’m Emily, and I support women and couples through financial coaching. I help people to become informed and empowered with their money, so they can live the life they know they’re meant for.

I combine my background in finance and consulting with a love of personal and spiritual growth to help my clients achieve their goals while staying true to who they are. In working with me, clients are also able to get clear on what they want and how to get it. Most importantly, they’re able to get there without leaving money on the table. I am a Whole Person Coach credentialed through Coach Training World in Portland, Oregon. I am also a member of the International Coach Federation, and I hold the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation.

In my financial coaching work, I am results-oriented and focused on helping clients achieve big goals. In addition, my background supports the coaching process to unfold organically, efficiently and effectively. I’m also a strong advocate of spiritual practices and energetic connection, and I bring my unique knowledge, experience, and research in these areas to support my clients in reaching their highest potential. Above all, I am passionate about personal finance, as well as spirituality and self-improvement.

Conversations about money probably didn’t happen much at home for a lot of people growing up. Because of that, I’m committed to supporting dialogue about money in relationships to enhance financial clarity for women and families. I especially love helping people to align their use of money with their highest values. I work with women individually, as well as partnered couples who want to get on the same page financially.

About Financial Coaching

Almost all of my clients seek me out to explore the below topics through my courses, group programs or one-on-one coaching:

  • Identifying and prioritizing values
  • Setting and achieving big goals with money
  • Discovering your unique soul path and using money to support it
  • Developing and maintaining healthy spending habits
  • Defining an approach to saving that makes sense in real life
  • Investing basics to help clients create passive income without confusion or judgement
  • Boundary-setting and dialogue about money in relationships
  • Salary negotiations and owning value in the workplace
  • Career transition and business planning for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Financial Independence & Retiring Early (FIRE)
  • Strategizing debt repayment and releasing debt anxiety
  • Traveling on a budget and other financial hacks

As a result, clients typically achieve a greater sense of financial well-being and clarity, and most importantly they learn how to use money in the ways that are most meaningful to them. Ultimately, they feel confident and in control with their money, which allows them to feel that way in other areas of their life.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m usually traveling to new parts of the world, spending time with family and friends, and reading personal finance books.