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For a limited time only, Money Mastery Coach Emily Shutt is pulling back the curtain on how to achieve financial independence and security in retirement. Don’t miss this chance to grab your FREE digital copy of her new ebook,


An Empowered Woman’s Guide To Retiring Well.

In this book you’ll learn:


are the three biggest factors that have a direct impact on women’s lifestyle in retirement


these areas present major challenges that often do damage under the radar for years before people notice


to take straightforward actions today to begin to establish a path to prosperity now and in the future

What Women Are Saying

“The book is laid out so clearly and the examples are great. So true on every level! Totally enlightening and entertaining. I talk to my husband all the time about money and happiness goals for our future, but it’s taken reading this to actually have a real conversation.”
Jennifer B., Charleston, SC

“Even though I felt like finance stuff typically just goes over my head, the way Emily lays this book out makes you feel like you’re having a conversation with a good friend – it’s engaging, accessible and completely practical. So well written and excellent insights!”
Amy L., New York, NY