Beyond Budgeting Money Bootcamp


Beyond Budgeting Money Bootcamp 6-Module Digital Course



A robust 6-module online course that provides a comprehensive path to understanding and leveraging money to its fullest potential, now and forever.  This goes beyond what you might expect or perhaps have experienced before (spending, saving, and investing). It actually gets to the root of why you use money the way that you do. It even addresses how to effectively align your use of money with your most important values and goals. Rather than being a massive information download and prescription for how to use money, this course presents a holistic approach to understanding how to make the most of what you have, and empowers you to make the decisions that are best for you personally!

6 digital course modules addressing the myriad ways money influences your life
A comprehensive workbook structuring the course
Audio content guiding you through the material
Lifetime access to the course and any future updates

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